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I made a podcast

I have been ridiculously crazy about fetish work ever since I began two years ago. I love my job, and my favorite part about it is being hired for new and different projects all the time. Unfortunately, being hired for a project doesn't mean that I get to delve into what makes my client tick. I often have to do my own research on a topic in order for me to create what they're looking for, whether it is a video, a set of pictures, or an actual product that's been purchased.

I wanted a venue to be able to sit down with people and have one on one interviews to give people an avenue to discuss their fetishes in a safe, fun place. Since pantyselling is very near and dear to my heart, I approached a fellow fetish worker and pantyseller to interview.

No joke, the audio on the podcast was balls, but I didn't care. I love what was said and I didn't want to wait to publish it any longer. Please give it a listen and if you have any feedback besides "It sounded shitty", please let me know.

If you're interested in being featured on a podcast, send me a message through my contact form. Let me know what your fetish is and point me to any social media or site you're on so that I can begin the vetting process before we have a back and forth.

Listen here:

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