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Frequently Asked QuestionsQA

I'm a first time buyer. How do I order?
Check out my inventory on my inventory page, then use the Contact Me button to send me a message telling me what pair you'd like to order. 
How do I pay?
I prefer a US Amazon giftcard sent to my email address. I do accept other forms of payment, but I do not accept Paypal under any circumstances. Once your payment has been received, you will be put on my schedule and you will be notified when your pair will be worn. 
Where's my order?
Once you're booked, I can give you a date of when your pair will go on. The schedule can change slightly due to either my period arriving or if I need to wear a pair an extra day to make sure every pair is ready to send out. Otherwise the schedule doesn't change. Feel like checking in? Contact me! You can cotact me here or through any of my social media platforms. Messages will be answered usually within 12 hours max (usually much sooner).
What is included with my order?
Each order includes 24 hour wear, pics and at least one play session. Nearly every possible add on can be added for a set price. While I don't list the add ons here, please feel free to ask for exactly what you want. You won't be judged, and you can rest easy knowing that there's very little I've not done before.  
I get paid next Friday. Can I let you know what I want so you can reserve it for me?
No. You must wait to order until you are ready to purchase. .  
Do you have a waitlist?
Yes, I usually do. Feel free to ask me about the wait before you order. While it typically isn't too long, it is very rare that your pair will be worn 
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