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"Yet another exquisite product from a completely intoxicating woman. Pantingirl goes out of her way to be alluring and sexy, and she puts so much care into the quality of her products. Do yourself a favor and work with her; you WILL be completely satisfied!" Daddiolong

"The whole experience from start to when I received my package was GREAT!!!! The best panties. Great communication, Great pics, and Great product. I will definitely buy again.
Thanks Pantingirl!!!!!!" TSDiver


"If I could give you 10 I would. Damn out of this world abused panties. I asked and she delivered exactly the dirtiness that i needed to fuel my addiction. Love them,now time enjoy what I love best dirty panties! 😤👃👍" Gee



"This girl doesn't stop amazing me. I wish I could give 10000 stars for the service and how incredibly sexy she is. Always prompt. Explains everything in detail. Videos are amazing. And the freshness of her scent drives me wild. Please everyone order from this amazing woman. You will not be disappointed." Zee



"Pantingirl is a true delight to deal with. Her scent and flavor arrived incredibly fresh still wet and simply amazing. Five stars. Incredible service. And watch her videos." Zee



"What's left to say? More of everything! She's so sexy.... Showing off those long legs, those cute feet.. And the rest of her as well! She gets so wet, and slides her fingers in from multiple angles and shows off different panties.... And when she's playing with her incredible ass, it's just too much... ;-)

There's a reason I keep coming back for more of her! Find out for yourself! ;-)" MountainMan



"Imagine sitting around being lazy and your woman decides to show you what she does when you're not there.... So sexy! Pantingirl does it again with this video... Close-ups, different positions, and she's soo wet.... I almost licked my screen!! ;-) I don't want to give it all away.... So find out for yourself! :-)" MountainMan



"Ooh my... Where do I begin? It's like she was trying to push me over the edge (she did) and knowing exactly which buttons to push (she does!). I can just imagine her telling me to sit, watch, listen, and not touch... And the buildup from that is almost just enough in and of itself!"

Don't miss this one! She's great at what she does!! I can't wait for my next one... ;-)" MountainMan



"It's astounding how this girl continues to top herself, but here, Pantingirl takes us places she never has before: from the changing-room observer to a willing participant in a hot play session that is sure to have you cleaning up after yourself in the changing room! A fashion review was never THIS rewarding! Cum see the latest styles!" daddiolong



"Unbelievable! Received my package today and the care that was put into the final product was top notch! A true professional who gave me exactly what I wanted. Pantingirl respect to her craft will have me returning to her very soon." Willey8



"Pantingirl was absolutely amazing. Not only am I pleased beyond measure with the results, but it was a lot of fun, too, due to her fantastic personality. 5 stars all day long." theasylum

"Another excellent purchase!!! The sexiest girl here...hands down!" sweetsniffofsucess



"Absolute afternoon delight. She is THE consummate professional; fun, friendly and all products--ALL products--are a reflection of how much effort and attention to detail she puts into her products. Do yourself a favor and unlock the amazing euphoria that is Pantingirl..." daddiolong



"Everyone here needs to experience Pantingirl!!! She's a wonderful, bright, playful and extremely sexy girl! The best!" sweetsniffofsucess



"She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very willing to please me even sending pics of a panty she picked out for me while shopping. Her scent was amazing and panty was shipped with gusset plastic wrapped and panty vacuum sealed.WOW!! Still moist." Tactical



"She would be a great business hire. Exact and prompt in what she does, great communication. Very pleased !" Katygator



"Her scent was amazing! She was great to talk to for these and another item also purchased. It was delicious as well. I will return for more, no question about it ;) Thanks!" yellowdrink



"These couldn't have been more fresh if she had slid them down her legs and handed them to me, still shaking....

She has a way with panties that's so amazing, you won't understand until you get them... And she's amazingly sexy and responsive, so what's not to like? ;-)" MountainMan



"Wow! Where to start?

She's the quintessential professional... No question too silly, no stone unturned. The care that goes into packaging shows the utmost care and concern...

And when you get them? So fresh I felt like I had slid these off of her myself... Simply amazing!! The closest thing to being there. She's got this intoxicating aroma about her that simply makes me feel like I was there. How much better can you get?" MountainMan



"I ordered this pair from Pantingirl, and all I can say is WOW! Not only is she such a doll to do business with, she took my special requests and delivered beyond what I expected. Five stars is not enough, this beauty will leave you stunned. Not only were her panties amazing, they were still wet when I opened the package. She has the scent of an angel, and I would definitely say she's one of the best girls on Scented Pansy. I'll be ordering more from her for sure. You can't go wrong guys, she's a keeper!" Wtcrm



"There are not enough stars here for Pantingirl. I'll let it slide though, because I saw way more than five stars in my mind with this experience! An absolute joy to work with. This was my first experience on this site, and she is DEFINITELY a credit to Scented Pansy. She was patient, flexible, humorous and sweet, not to mention amazing at what she does. The time--and sweet, sweet champagne--she put into the product, the last-minute, issue-free add-ons, and the completely professional packaging were impeccable. The package arrived late because of the USPS, but the wares still held EVERYTHING intact and fresh, as if they had just been removed. 10 stars. Hell, 20! Thank you, Pantingirl! You are amazing! Highly recommend!!" daddiolong



"Fucking amazing!
Great girl, really knows what to give a guy on this site!
Thank you. :)" ajsmith80



"Perfect! A delight to work with, and everything went smooth. Contacted on Thursday, She wore them on Thursday into Friday, and they arrived on Monday still moist and smelling great. Very professional, discrete and polite. I am sure I will do business with pantingirl again!" ajsmith90



"Wow!!!! These panties are fantastic, made just the way I asked! Pantingirl was very conscious of my request and took very good care of me... I will definitely be buying again from this lovely woman." Cubi



"I can't get enough because I never get let down. Absolute perfection every time!" shay_shay48

"The pics are amazing, but not as good as the panties themselves." conlonpromo

"I’ve purchased multiple times from this sexy bombshell and can tell you that she goes above and beyond buyer expectations.  With the first purchase, I immediately felt that her excitement to sell was as enthusiastic as my excitement to buy - which made the whole experience next level shit! You can feel her energy and enthusiasm throughout the entire process and it only makes you crave for more.  I craved for more after my first purchase, and the craving still continues today!


The pictures.  The add-ons.  The panties!  No words exist that can describe the entire package except - FUCK!

I will most likely purchase from her again.  Who the fuck am I kidding?  There is no question that I’m going to.  She will have you addicted to buying from her again, so rock out with your cock out and pull that trigger!  While you’re doing that, I will be pulling her panties around my cock!" @guyinpanties187


"I am lucky enough to just take possession of these beautiful lovely scented panties!!! I can not be any happier with the service provided by Miss Pantingirl. She has been an absolute delight to work with and I will definitely be a repeat customer of hers. She was very conscious of my request and took very good care of me. Thank You so much, Miss. I will smell & wear Your panties with pride." Cubi_

"This gorgeous woman’s panties are just as hot as the ass they came off of. You must experience pantingirl." Greg_M


"Pantingirl is amazing to work with. Fulfilled everything that I had asked for. Sent panties priority and got them right away. Couldn’t have asked for a better seller. Cum-pletely satisfied! Will be buying again. Pantingirl is the best to work with. She listens to your every needs. I can’t get enough because I never get let down. Absolute perfection every time!" Shay_shay48



"Perfect! A delight to work with, and everything went smooth. Contacted on Thursday, She wore them on Thursday into Friday, and they arrived on Monday still moist and smelling great. Very professional, discrete and polite. I am sure I will do business with Pantingirl again!" AJSmith90



"Ok, so I get home late from a bitch of a day at work. Check my mail and I’ve got a nice package in there waiting for me. I head inside and put my stuff down and open my package. A very sweet personalized thank you card greets me and a nicely wrapped package. I carefully unwrap the package out of respect for the care it was initially wrapped. Vacuum wrapped and sealed is a beautiful pair of black laced thong panties. I open and remove additional internal wrapping provided to guarantee freshness. I’m greeted with a beautiful scent and a pair of still moist undies.

My already hard 8" cock just grows another inch!! I head upstairs and pull my hard cock out and rub it against the soft lace panties. I feel the soft moist fabric against my dick and start stroking…my throbbing cock feels like it’s going to explode so I stop, thinking I’m going to edge several times before I cum. My rock hard cock pulsing without me even touching it now. I lift the panties to inhale the sweet scent of pussy. No sooner than I bring the lace to my nose and take in the aroma than my cock starts throbbing and I know I’m going to cum. I grab my dick and pull the cum out of it with 5 strokes. My balls and stomach seizing and my brain swimming in ecstasy. I cum harder and with more power than I have in over a year. I shower, clean up and only have one thing to say: Thank you, Pantingirl!!!!!" Sandiegoguy



"For the best, creamiest panties, see Pantingirl. I’m very satisfied and I will continue buying from her. Check her out." @LarryLively

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