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Tips for New Buyers

Most would-be buyers spend a lot of time, sometimes years, looking at panties and other fetish wear before actually pulling the trigger. The sheer amount of online options for purchasing can feel overwhelming. Who the fuck is this chick selling her dirty panties? Will I ever receive them? Will I like her smell? Are those pics even hers? It can be daunting to consider those questions. Also, actually purchasing panties takes your fetish from “Well, this is just something I like to think about” to “I’ve got a full blown fetish that I pay for now.” Crossing that bridge can take a long time, and unnecessarily so. Here are a few tips to consider if you’re thinking of taking the panty plunge:

1. Research your girls before contacting a soul: You’ve followed 1500 pantysellers on Twitter. Great! Pick a few dozen that you want to get to know better. Not by DMing them with your cock, but just by looking at their tweets and pics. Are you looking for a style? A body type? An ass? Big tits? Funny tweets? A personality? What reels you in? Where is her inventory? How many followers does she have? Does it look like she’s sold before? Does it look like she’s successful? Are there reviews somewhere? And it’s OK if your fave chick is brand new. If she is, ask her some questions:

a) What forms of payment does she accept? (Ideally she should have more than one option)

b) What does each order include? Are there pictures? What add ons are offered? What are the prices for those? (If your seller is cagey on any of this or unsure, move on. Pricing should be clear, consistent and upfront)

c) Does she vacuum seal her panties? (That answer should be yes)

d) How exactly does she ship? Is tracking included? (It should be)

e) When are the panties going to be worn? Unless a seller is on her period, she should be able to tell you the exact day you can be booked.

If she can’t answer any one of these simple questions, move onto to your other 1499 pantysellers.

2. Be ready: Alright, you’ve found your girl. Every seller should be available enough to answer whatever questions you have about the inventory, but don’t contact her until you’re ready to pull the trigger. There is nothing worse than fielding 25 questions about panties to be met with “Wow, this all sounds great. I get paid next Friday.” Wait until that payday to contact your seller.

A note on payment options: Don’t ask her to use PayPal. PayPal is a self-righteous, sex-negative, shitty ass company. PayPal does not like pantysellers or any sex work whatsoever and often bans sellers for accepting money for sexual services, even online ones, as well as removing any monies the seller has in her PayPal account for six months.

3. Not sure she’s a real seller? Ask for verification. Any site that showcases a running feed for sellers to regularly advertise themselves works well because you see the same girl over and over again in her own feed. You’ll pick up on little freckles and tattoos in the same place all the time, and she should be able to snap off a pic of the same freckle or tattoo in the photo. All of my followers should be well versed in my various bedding and where I take all my pics, and I can replicate all of it, no problem.

Note: Some people just don’t give a shit where their dirty panties come from, whether it’s a fly-by-night chick just looking to make a buck and move on or it’s a die hard fetish worker. Whichever you choose, know which one she is. Experience counts.

4. Know what you’d like: Every seller has her own style of preparing dirty panties. Make sure your way is how they’re made when she does yours. Do you like them creamy? Some ass? A bit of pee? A squirt of perfume? A video clip? A full length video of her cumming in them? Take a minute and decide what you want to be sent. What is your fantasy?

Now go get those panties!


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