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How to Sell Period Panties

There’s nothing better than selling period panties to offset an otherwise revenue-barren week when you’re on your period. Here is the best way to create perfect period panties for your customers.

Advertise every month. First time period panty buyers are lurkers and will wait a few months before pulling the trigger. Interest in period panties begins with curiosity, so the more you show your personality and create a friendly space for exploring this curiosity, the better.

Ask how much: A seasoned period panty buyer will know exactly how much they want, and usually it’s a decent amount. A first time buyer normally doesn’t want anymore than a tablespoon. Have a conversation about what they think they’re ready for. If you forget to ask or your buyer can’t be reached, used the tablespoon amount. You also have the option of sending periodic (no pun intended) gusset pics and let your buyer decide when enough is enough.

Next, you need to invest in a pair of leakproof period panties. There are a bunch of different options here, but I like these. They’re cost effective and do the job. Even if you decide not to sell period panties, every woman should have a pair of these panties.

Put your sold panties on and then put the leakproof panties on over them.

Now you have complete control over how much blood gets on the panties without any worry of a mess. Once you have the perfect amount desired, stick a tampon in and finish the wear.

Important tip: If anyone orders tampons or pads, make sure you wrap them up very tightly in cling wrap BEFORE you put them in your bag to vacuum seal. Otherwise any moisture in them will get sucked up into your sealer and Jesus Christ, is that messy. Not that I would know anything about that.

Good luck, girls!


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