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I went out to dinner last night. It was a casual, kid friendly place. My family and I waited to be seated as I looked around at the staff. Every single waitress had giant tits. I don’t normally notice boobs on a woman, but the shirts were so tight and the boobs were just so big. A woman came up to the podium and asked us how many. She too had huge tits, but also a killer face. It didn’t end there. Her waist was slim, and that gave way to an absolutely amazing ass that was miraculously and expertly fit into skin tight jeans. She was fabulous. I see everything through a dirty panty lens now, and I thought about how great of a pantyseller she would be. I imagined what kind of panties she would sell. God, she would look good in a thong, or those tanga panties where 75% of your ass hangs out. She could make some excellent pic sets. I might even buy one. But what I’d really like to see her in is a video. Fuck, I wanted to see her masturbate. Her caramel skin was flawless. What is it like to walk around with that kind of body? I wondered if anyone thought that about me. I look good, but I’m 41. This chick was in her 20′s and just rocking it.

I see a lot of porn in my job. Most of my business is on Twitter. I follow people I like and potential buyers. I see women being fucked constantly, all day long. I’m OK with that. Women are beautiful. I’ve kissed several, felt up a few, and have been eaten out by one. My favorite thing to do with a woman is kiss her and feel her boobs. I’m sure you can relate.

But my feelings towards women pale in comparison to how I feel about men. I love everything about men, every single piece. There isn’t anything I don’t want to do to a man. From the tops of their heads to their sexy feet, I am in awe. I love the way they move. I love staring at a man’s hands. I love men with long legs, and broad shoulders. I like to bite their necks, making sure that my tongue gets a taste. Oh, their skin. Fuck. It’s not soft, like a woman’s. It has more texture, in fact everything about them seems to have more texture, even their dicks. I love their voices. I might like to look at women, or maybe even mess around sometimes, but I don’t feel enough energy to take it all the way. It’s just not there for me. With a man, I feel like I’m on fire.

Socially, I’ve always felt more comfortable with men. I feel more at ease. They aren’t competing with me. I don’t have anything to prove. They would likely fuck me if they could, so I can relax. I can just be myself. I can tell a dirty joke and not be judged. Most of the time I can even say cunt and get a positive reaction. I’m not the kind of girl that will steal your boyfriend, but I might take him outside and get him high when you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.

I think that’s why I love pantyselling. I like to do something a little naughty, a little intimate, and a whole lot sexual. Pick a panty, and tell me what to do in them. Don’t worry, I won’t steal you away. I don’t need much of your time. Just let me get you high.


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