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My First Customer

I had just finished dinner with friends when I checked my phone and saw that my customer had actually paid me. Holy fucking shit. I was still wearing the panties and got so excited by the thought that they would soon be in the hands of someone else. Per our agreement, I took a few pics of me in the panties and then shot a short video.

I had no idea how long this video was supposed to be. 10 seconds? A minute? I decided to do a 30 second spot of me touching myself in the panties. I started filming and the idea that my camera was pointed right at my pussy while I was stroking myself was so exciting that 30 seconds went by and I wasn’t ready to stop filming. I let it go for 3 minutes and I came in the panties. Fuck, I thought, I can’t send this. I reshot the video and did a 45 second clip and sent that one along with the pics I took. He loved it!

The next day I hit the gym. These panties were going to be hit hard. Afterwards I went home, finally took the panties off, showered, got dressed and mailed them to my customer.

I anxiously tracked the package until he got it. I hope he liked them!


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